How Credit Card "Bailout" Works

Credit card companies are now working with debt relief programs to significantly reduce the debts of select consumers who have a qualifying financial hardship. The process of seeing if you qualify and getting answers to your questions is very straight forward as depicted in the 5 steps below:

How The Debt Relief Process Works

Creditors are continuously working to remove late or defaulted debts off their books. There are two common reasons companies do this. First, too much bad debt on their books can have their financial standing look negative. Second, if a consumer files for bankruptcy then an unsecured creditor like your credit card company is unlikely to receive a single cent owed to them. It makes sense to them to reduce the consumer’s debt and collect at least some money from you rather than get nothing.  One way credit card companies accomplish this is to offer a reduction of debt to consumers who have a financial hardship. This means if you qualify for a hardship program you may be able to significantly reduce your credit card debts and other unsecured debts.

When you request a credit card bailout report on our website, we will have two companies evaluate your situation and determine if you could qualify for their hardship based debt relief program.

After a careful consultation with you and a review of your situation these companies will provide you with a debt reduction report.  The combination of a free consultation and debt reduction report will allow you to make an informed decision on your options with no cost, no pressure and no obligation.

Credit Card Bailout Step by Step

  1. We want to be fully transparent about our services. It is very important to read our disclaimers and disclosures page here before you submit any information to receive a consultation via our website.
  2. Submit your credit card debt and other debts on the request form on our website.
  3. Two debt relief professionals will review your information and will then contact you to evaluate your entire situation in detail, answer your questions, determine your hardship, and create your estimated debt reduction reports. A working phone number is required.
  4. You will receive your debt reduction reports via email. You can evaluate these debt relief options and related estimated savings in the privacy and no pressure environment of your own home. You may find that NONE fit your needs and that is fine, but you may also find one absolutely does meet your needs and in that case:
  5. You can engage with the company who provided you with their program details and start the process of resolving your debt!
  6. Become debt free – with time, dedication and commitment to your program a debt free future will be yours.

Important Items to Consider:

  • Credit Card Bailout is NOT providing you with consultations or reports. This information is provide by 3rd party debt relief professionals from respected companies not related to our company.
  • Do you have a great credit score and you do NOT want it to go down? Entering into any debt relief program may have a negative impact on your credit profile. This form of relief is not for you.
  • Can you make your payments in some way right now? This form of relief is not for you.
  • Not all debt reduction reports will be exactly the same. Each 3rd party professional may have a different report format and some may provide more specific details than others do.
  • These are hardship based programs to reduce your debt. You should not consider a debt reduction in this manner if you do not have a financial hardship. See examples of qualifying hardships here.
  • This is NOT a Government debt relief program, as there is no such program as of this date.
  • This is NOT a loan offer of any kind.
  • A “credit card bailout” is an opportunity to reduce your debts so you can pay the remaining amount off through a hardship based program, this is not an offer to payoff a debt for you.
  • A Hardship program is not a bankruptcy

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