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Credit Card Bailout is a referral service that puts you in touch with companies offering services you are interested in receiving debt relief/reduction reports and consultations from. Credit Card Bailout is not an end provider of debt relief services nor are we part of any agreement or contract of services you may commit to with a debt relief company. Credit Card Bailout is not a Local, State or Federal Government agency, department or service. Credit Card Bailout does not offer, endorse, or market any Government debt relief programs.

Credit Card Bailout is not affiliated with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or FOXnews.

The content provided on is a general description of services. Actual benefits, costs and features of services will vary from company to company that may contact you. It is up to you, the consumer, to consult with the debt relief service provider to educate yourself on all the details of their program before making any final decision. Completing a debt relief report on this website does not obligate you in any way to use a service, nor pay any fee.

Our websites function as an online marketplace where visitors can research and submit requests for debt resolution reports, as well as other products and services. You understand and agree that if you submit a request for a product or service or for further information relating to a product or service offered through any of the websites, Credit Card Bailout will share such of your information as may be required in order to match you with selected providers of the products and/or services that you request.

By submitting your contact information to us, you are expressly consenting to be contacted by us or by one or more providers of products and services by telephone, email or postal mail even if you have opted into the national Do Not Call List administered by the Federal Trade Commission, any state equivalent Do Not Call List or the Do Not Call List of any specific institution.

Forms on this website are for information and consultation requests only, they are never an application or full qualification for services, all calculations of debt savings provided to you are from third parties and not Credit Card Bailout and all reports contain estimates of expected reductions not exact figures. Credit Card Bailout evaluates carefully the service providers we put you in touch with, however we do not endorse nor are we responsible for the actions taken by nor services provided by any particular company that may be found by using the website.

We do not assume your debts, make monthly payments to creditors or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice or credit repair services. Read and understand all program materials provided to you by a third party prior to making any decisions on enrollment.

Credit Card Bailout is not providing legal, financial, investing, credit repair, tax, counseling or any other professional advice. Although we believe the content on this website to be accurate it is general in nature and does not fully describe the complex details of every debt situation or program you may decide to use. It is recommended that you always contact a licensed professional in the appropriate field for advice before making any final decision.

In no case should you, the visitor, believe that there is any guarantee that a you will not have to file bankruptcy now or in the future. Credit Card Bailout does not guarantee any specific debt reduction percentage or amount.

Important Issues to Consider when Evaluating Debt Reduction Programs

Consumers should not use a debt reduction service if they are able to pay their minimum balances due each month. Nor should they use a debt relief service if they do not have a legitimate financial hardship.

(1) Late fees, penalties, and interest will continue to accrue on the consumer’s debt until the consumer’s creditors accept and receive a settlement;
(2) A consumer’s creditors may still sue to collect on the debts and garnish the consumer’s wages;
(3) Interest rates applicable to the consumer’s debt may increase;
(4) Any money a consumer debt is reduced by in negotiating a settlement with a creditor must be treated as income for tax purposes;
(5) A debt settled for less than the full amount owed may result in a negative notation on the consumer’s credit report; and
(6) Debt Settlement companies MUST be licensed in your state to provide debt relief services to you. Credit Card Bailout does NOT validate licensing requirements for individual companies. Consumers are required to check with the FTC and or their local Attorney General’s office to determine if a company has the proper license to do business in their state.
(7) Enrollment into a debt management service may be reported on your credit file and could reflect negatively on your credit worthiness.

Credit Card Bailout is not acting as a lender or broker. The information provided by you to Credit Card Bailout is not an application for a loan of any type, nor is it used to pre-qualify you with any lender. Debt relief programs are Not available in all states. is not liable for any loss resulting from a business relationship formed by you the consumer and an end service provider.

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