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Credit Counseling

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Credit Counseling is one of the most popular forms of debt relief with its Debt management component. Generally best for people with multiple types of debts who are finding it difficult to pay all their bills on a regular basis.

Service Fee Structure:
Free: Credit Counseling is a free service. You receive guidance and counseling
Paid: If the consumer decided to use Debt Management to solve their debt issue the normal fee is about $35/month.

Program Length:
Most consumers take 4-5 years to fully pay-off their debts.

Debt Settlement

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For consumers who mainly have credit card debts that amount to more than $10,000 and are unable to pay their monthly payment. Settlement services work with your creditors to ``settle`` the debt on your behalf. Settlements are for significantly less than what you currently owe. Special qualifications apply.

Service Fee Structure:
Free: Initial consultation on what debt settlement is and if you qualify is free.
Paid: If the consumer decides to use a debt settlement service there is a service fee.
There are two primary service models and these prices range.
Monthly service fee only: Starts at around $50 and goes up.
No service fee and only success fee: You pay a percentage of the settlement amount. This percentage can range greatly from 5% to 20%. See the Debt Settlement page for more details.

Program Length:
Most consumers take 1-3 years to fully pay-off their debts depending upon their total debt, and current income.

Legal Debt Validation

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Consumers who are facing legal issues due to a debt, or feel that they have been a victim of unfair debt collection practices find success in debt validation. Your debt is a legal contract with your creditor, they use legal recourse to force collections from you. However, how do you know if your legal rights under that same contract are being respected? A debt validation lawyer can show you.

Service Fee Structure:
Free: Validation companies will provide a free consultation to see if your situation qualifies for this type of relief.
Paid: If the consumer is qualified according to the validation company, and they choose to use their service, there is a service fee to validate and negotiate the reduction of your debts. Fee amounts and terms vary widely. Most will charge a ``success fee`` that is a percentage of the amount of money you saved. Read more details on the ins and outs of Debt Validation.

Program Length:
Since this is a legal process time to resolution can vary greatly. There is the possibility of very quick resolutions within a couple months, other times it is just as likely to take more than a year. The complexity of your situation and aggressiveness of your creditors are factors in how long your resolution may take.

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There are many forms of debt relief and each is designed to work for very specific types of debts, financial situations and financial goals. Health care can provide a fair analogy. There are many doctors, but when you’re pregnant you go to see a pre-natal care doctor, but if  you get a deep cut you may need a surgeon. In both cases your primary care doctor will evaluate your situation and direct you to the most appropriate doctor to treat you specific situation. Credit Card Bailout works in much the same way. We help you evaluate your situation and direct you to the most appropriate form of debt relief for your situation.

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